What are people saying about ShowerGuard®?



Found a reason to smile in the midst of home renovations:

“Recently we had a shower door with ShowerGuard installed in our remodeled bathroom. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the product. The glass appears to be clean all of the time and, most of all, I smile when I walk into the room.”



Works a ton of hours and don’t always have time to clean:

“The glass cleans nicely with a squeegee and looks great. To be honest, we just squeegee everyday and our cleaning lady gives the glass a thorough cleaning every other Tuesday. She likes it and says it is easy to clean. After she cleans the shower, the glass looks brand new (zero spots, no streaks).”



Thankful to get rid of harsh cleaning products:

“Mostly folks have noticed how clean the glass looks all the time. I get questions like ‘what product are you using to clean with since you don’t have any water spots?’ Then I tell them I tried a product called ShowerGuard. Everyone I’ve talked to said they would buy it, especially if it means not having to constantly clean with harsh, stinky products.”



Wife was right about ShowerGuard glass:

“Just a note of thanks to let you know how much my wife and I love our two new shower enclosures. ShowerGuard is unbelievable, no soap marks or water stains, the glass enclosures look great all the time! I must admit I was very skeptical when my wife told me about ShowerGuard. She said we wouldn't have to worry about soap or watermarks on the glass anymore. Honestly, I just went along with her decision and figured this would be a waste of money. Now, I am convinced and so happy we got ShowerGuard. In fact it is better than I could have imagined. When our neighbors saw our remodeled bathrooms, they wanted to remodel their bathrooms and use ShowerGuard glass.”


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