Environmental Policy



What good is a great product if there's not a great planet left to sustain it?





Producing safe and reliable products, operating a healthy work place, and assuring the efficient use and preservation of natural resources are integral parts of Guardian’s philosophy and business practices.



Statement of Policy


It is the policy of Guardian Industries Corp. to conduct our worldwide operations in full compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations; to perform our functions in a manner that protects the health and safety of our customers, employees and neighbors; and to pursue our business in a way that achieves economic goals while simultaneously addressing environmental objectives.




1. Make sure that products are made, used, handled and disposed of safely and in an environmentally sound
2. Limit the harmful effects of products and operations on human health and the environment to the
    maximum extent practicable.
3. Comply with or exceed all relevant government standards in the manufacture, labeling and marketing of
    products and management of wastes.
4. Reduce the harmful impact of operations and products on the land, air, water and other natural resources
    wherever possible.
5. Minimize the generation of wastes and maximize use of safe and sustainable sources of raw materials and
6. Eliminate undue environmental, health and safety risks to the public, employees and surrounding
    communities on a continuous basis.
7. Provide employee training and public education in environmental compliance, accident prevention, and
    emergency planning and response. 


Carrying Out Policy

Following this policy is fundamental to Guardian’s successful operation. It is the obligation of EVERY employee in EVERY job to know and follow this policy. Each facility manager has the responsibility for applying this policy to his or her work place to assure effective practices and programs for environmental protection. Guardian’s corporate management will provide assistance and advice to local facilities and is ultimately responsible for monitoring and supervising the policy.  

Each employee is expected to seek help and advice from appropriate management at Guardian’s corporate offices, including from the General Counsel, if he or she becomes aware of any conduct or activity contrary to this policy which is not being remedied. Any such communication with our General Counsel will be privileged and confidential between the two parties, and will not have negative consequences for that employee. Success in carrying out this important policy will be a factor in evaluating job performance. 



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