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Isn't all glass pretty much the same?

That's a common misconception. To the naked eye, all shower glass looks quite similar – at least when it's new. But over time, the ShowerGuard® advantage becomes clear. Standard glass is subject to microscopic damage from hard water, heat, humidity, soap and even cleaning agents. This corrosion gives stains, residue and scale something to cling to, so the glass can eventually appear dirty – no matter how hard you scrub.


ShowerGuard's patented manufacturing technology creates an entirely different type of glass that permanently resists corrosion – keeping it beautiful for years to come.



What about other products that promise clear shower glass?

There are several wipe-on and spray-on products that claim to keep your glass clear and beautiful. But these are temporary fixes that rinse away over time – so their protection disappears. ShowerGuard's patented ion beam manufacturing process creates a unique type of glass that's permanently sealed, for a shower that stays beautiful for years and years.



How do I clean and care for ShowerGuard glass?

Because ShowerGuard doesn't have a coating that needs to be replenished or reapplied it's a breeze to care for. All you need for periodic upkeep is a soft cloth or wet sponge and most common household cleaners. For complete care instructions, please click here.



Does ShowerGuard come with a warranty?

Yes. Thanks to ShowerGuard's patented ion beam manufacturing technology, its performance is backed by a lifetime consumer limited warranty. For the complete warranty, please click here.



What are people saying about ShowerGuard?

Read the latest comments from a variety of satisfied ShowerGuard customers here.

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